• Freestyle – Levels 1-4
  • Dance with a Stranger (DWAS) – Levels 1-4


  • Lucky Dip
  • X Factor
  • Battle of the Sexes (BOTS)
  • Swaps ‘n Steals (note: preliminary rounds are on Friday evening)
  • Triples

All fun events are open to levels 1-4.


  • Open Freestyle (Aerials) – Levels 1-4
  • Showcase – Levels 2-4
  • Beginners Teams – Levels 1-2
  • Open Teams – Levels 1-4

Category Definitions

Please also refer to the competition rules for further detail including permitted moves.

Dancers enter as a couple, with a lead and a follow. A couple must dance in the level of the highest level dancer in the partnership. Level 4 finals will have a combination of two songs, and a spotlight. Level 3 finals will have a combination of two songs, and a rapid-fire.

Dance with a Stranger (DWAS)
Dancers enter this event as an individual at their own personal competition level. Follows will change partners at intervals of 30 seconds until they have danced with all of the leads in that heat. Leads and follows are judged separately, however the judges will be looking at how you interact as a partnership. Switching roles between lead and follow is not permitted.

Lucky Dip
Dancers enter this event as an individual, and will be randomly paired by the event organisers with a dancer in the opposite role. Dancers will remain in this couple of the duration of the event.

Unfortunately with Lucky Dip we cannot accommodate surplus leads / follows. Those who apply for Lucky Dip are taken on a first paid first served basis. We will pool names into different groups based on level and region before randomly assigning partners to increase the likelihood that you a paired with someone from a different level and region.

X Factor
The following beginners moves are allowed in X Factor:

BasketMan’s Spin
Break ThruNew Yorker
First MoveStep Across
Loop ThrusWurlitzer
Man’s / Short Comb

We consider turns and returns, both static and travelling (also known as left side pass, and right side pass) not to be moves but just end and beginnings of moves so are 100% allowable. Also, there is no limitation on the number of spins – held or free – so long as they are part of one of the above moves. Dancers may be disqualified for moves not listed here.

For further clarification as to what is permitted, please view our online X Factor briefing.

Battle of the Sexes (BOTS)
One lead and one follow of the same sex enter together and dance freestyle. Dancers may swap lead and follow roles during a dance.

Swaps & Steals
A team of three dancers enter this event, but only two dance together for the majority of the time. The spare person swaps or steals the lead or follow role from the dancing couple in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the dance. All three dancers can change roles (from lead to follow and vice-versa), so long as there is always a clear lead and follow. There may be a connection between all three dancers during a swap or steal but it shouldn’t last any longer than required for the transition. Note that all three dancers will be judged as a unit; i.e. the third ‘spare’ dancer is also included.

A team of three dancers enter this event as one lead and two follows, with all three dancing together for the duration of the song. Dancers may change roles (from lead to follow and vice-versa), so long as there is always one clear lead and two follows.

Open Freestyle / Aerials
All competitor partnerships must provide confirmation from the owner of the studio they are competing under that they can execute their repertoire of aerials in a safe manner. Note that you are signed off as a partnership and not as individuals.

A choreographed dance for 2-3 dancers to a predefined piece of music. All dancers must be level 2 or higher, and the music should be between 2.5 to 4 minutes long. The event organisers reserve the right to preview performances before an entry may be accepted.

A choreographed dance for a minimum of 3 couples (or triples) to a predefined piece of music that should be between 2.5 to 4 minutes long.